How to Litigate against the Unreasonable Opponent

Posted on April 26th, 2017 by Michael Duffy

Litigation is a type of law that's sometimes referred to as "dispute resolution". This form of law deals with claims and disputes which can often arise during a deal or transaction. Unfortuantely, while most people would prefer to avoid the complexities of litigation when moving through the court system, this process can become necessary when disagreements can't be resolved outside of court.

Sometimes, in litigation, an opponent may behave unreasonably, making the situation more difficult for the other clients involved. In this case, for instance, the opponent may request astronomical damages, refuse to deal with the case according to reason, or present baseless claims to the court. Though this can be frustrating to the respondent client, the best way to bring reality back into the court room is with the right attorney.

Litigating Against Unreasonable Proposals

Typically, in a legal dispute, the parties involved will discuss the matter at hand with each other directly. When it becomes clear that a common understanding cannot be reached, both sides retain a lawyer. After investigating the case, your lawyer may send the other party a demand letter. It's within this letter that the unreasonable nature of a client can begin to make itself known. For instance, the letter might request damages that are far beyond realm of reason.

If this dispute cannot be put to rest through direct negotiations, then one party may file a formal lawsuit. If either party involved has not hired an attorney at this stage, it is important for them to do so at this point. The technical rules of responding to and proceeding with lawsuits are complex, and even small missteps can have dramatic impacts on the ability of the litigants to obtain relief.

Making your Opponent Talk Sense

Figuring out how to bring reality back into the court room when an opponent is being unreasonable is the job of your litigation attorney. The techniques that he or she uses to pursue your best interests will depend on the nature of the case. However, in all cases, Mitts Law ensures that our litigators have the extensive experience, communication, and negotiation skills to argue a cogent and reasonable case that should make even the most obstinate opponent see sense.

In cases where the opponent nevertheless fails to act reasonably, your Mitts Law attorney will ensure the court recognizes the absurdity of your opponent's actions while delivering the powerful arguments necessary to produce a favorable result.