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"Above all else, we value addressing our clients’ needs with care and expertise – synthesizing a wealth of resources with our personalized approach and ensuring the expectations of the attorney and client are aligned."

Mitts Law, LLC

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Our Approach

Mitts Law, LLC takes pride in creating and nurturing meaningful relationships with our clients. Our firm's fundamental commitment goes beyond simply addressing our clients' immediate legal challenges. We are committed to advancing our clients' long-term vision for their businesses. We also understand the demands of business in the 21st Century and provide our clients with a clear understanding of their legal options and the associated costs at every stage of our representation, thereby positioning them to be better able to forecast and manage expenses and make critical business decisions.

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Our Professionals

Maurice is nationally known for his relentless commitment to his clients and for devising creative legal solutions.
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Maurice R. Mitts

Geoff’s practice encompasses the resolution of all types of business disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.
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Geoffrey Paul Huling

Ross offers clear, plain-language thinking, advice and advocacy to clients facing complex legal challenges.
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Ross G. Currie

Jennifer has represented individuals and commercial clients in a variety of business disputes.
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Jennifer M. Adams

Emily brings nearly a decade of civil litigation experience.
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Emily L. DiPaolo

Ryan served as a Law Clerk in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania.
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John Ryan Behrmann

Ashley developed her expert legal research and writing skills while attending Temple University Beasley School of Law, where she was a member of the Trial Team.
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Ashley Garland

Kathy has extensive experience in complex litigation and assists in managing cases from inception through trial and appeal.
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Kathleen E. Bennett

Strategic Alliances

Meeting our clients' needs globally

Our talented team of attorneys in Philadelphia collaborates with top lawyers and academicians around the world whenever required by the demands of a particular case. This efficient approach conserves resources and enlists the sharpest legal minds to work on behalf of our clients.

Our clients are as varied as the matters we handle. They come from a multitude of industries and include large corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, financial institutions and individuals. We have a record of success in reaching favorable resolutions in a wide range of business disputes. Above all else, we value addressing our clients' needs with care and expertise — synthesizing a wealth of resources with our personalized approach and ensuring the expectations of the attorney and client are aligned.